Puffiness Eraser

Puffiness Eraser


Puffiness Eraser fades eye bags and dark circkles under eyes

RESULTS WITHIN 5-7 MINUTES! INSTANTLY INCREASE YOUR SKIN'S FIRMNESS AND ELASTICITY with our unique complex including eyeliss™, collagen and elastin leaving you looking beautiful. THE EFFECT LASTS 7-8 HOURS! The Puffiness Eraser formula is made with a special vitamin and protein complex together with HYALURONIC ACID. Combined, they will hydrate and lift your skin while increasing its vitality. The infusion is clinically tested to be effective in removing dark under eye circles and shadows

WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER? THE PUFFINESS ERASER SLOWS DOWN AGING AND UNIFIES SKIN TONE. This serum contains the best ingredients and no harsh chemical fillers. It will reduce the signs of aging to keep you looking young and glowing. The ginger extract containing antioxidants and provides extensive protection against wrinkles with an advanced complex of vitamins. It eliminates free radical damage and hydrate your skin effectively boosting your skin’s natural glow


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LOOK WELL RESTED EVEN AFTER A LONG NIGHT OUT! WITH THE DEAD SEA MINERALS HEALING PROPERTIES:The Puffiness Eraser will reduce your under eye bags and dark cirkles. This super concentrated correcting gel, enriched with Dead Sea healing minerals, will brighten and lighten your skin and protect it from the signs of aging.

Puffiness Eraser is a powerful anti-ageing microcream that works effectively to diminish the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eye area.

Apply small amount to thoroughly cleansed skin, covering the area under the eyes. Following application, avoid facial movements for 5 minutes. For best result, avoid applying any cosmetic product on top, apart from powder based make-up.


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